long-time advocate of trial by ordeal and compurgation:

Florynce Kennedy, a New York feminist attorney, called Uganda President Idi Amin ‘‘an outstanding figure’’ at a Yale Law School conference in New Haven Saturday.

Kennedy said that much of the public criticism of Amin can be traced to the attitude that ‘‘if a black person is in charge of a country he isn’t really supposed to be in charge.’’ Commenting on the charges that Amin has directed the killings of thousands in his country, she said: ‘‘Sovereign governments are in the process of killing people all the time.’’ As to the alleged murder of Anglican Bishop Janini Luwum, she said, ‘‘The men who died in Vietnam aren’t any less dead than Bishop Luwum.”’

[February 28, 1977]

Burlington [Vt.] Free Press Another stupendous achievement for the Mabels, the Beulahs, the Thel- mas of this world; and a pronunci- amento that will ring through the halls of history:

The first institute for the study of feminist thought finished its opening session

The Index includes all articles pub- lished in The American Spectator from January through December 1982. In the listings, the Roman numeral refers to the number of the issue, while the Arabic numerals refer to the pages on which the article appears. I: January 1982 I: February 1982 IIT: March 1982 IV: April 1982 V: May 1982 VI: June 1982 VIT: July 1982 VIII: August 1982 IX: September 1982 X: October 1982 XI: November 1982 XII: December 1982

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BALDWIN, FRED D. ‘‘No Time for Fraud: Roberta Karmel on the SEC,’’ a review essay of Karmel’s Regulation by Prosecution: The Se- curities & Exchange Commission ver-


with the participants, all women, doing a dance of karate kicks as a red-haired dog named Emma Goldman roamed the floor.

The dog—named for the early 20th century anarchist—belonged to the teacher of a class on ‘‘Feminis:n and Socialism’’ and the karate moves were lifted from a self-defense course.

The two classes reflect the diversity of the five weeks of lectures and discussions at the institute, named Sagaris for the double-edged sword of the Amazons representing women’s strength. . . .

Linda, a young blonde who asked that her last name not be used, . . . said: “‘It’s been very politicizing for all the straights and now they know they should support us instead of being ashamed of us. We are, after all, on the same side. We are all for-women.

“It doesn’t matter who you’re in bed with if you’re in bed when the revolution comes,”’ she said.

[August 1, 1975}

Ms. The scientific method as applied to the study of politics by progressive and enlightened women of the fe- vered brow: Is there a woman President in America’s

future? What better way io find out than to ask some of the world’s most famous psychics? The occasion: a Psychic Sail around Manhattan to benefit Long Is- land’s Hampton Animal Shelter.

A dozen psychics tackled the big question. While two—a Tarot expert and a numerologist—ruled out a woman President ‘‘for the foreseeable future,’’ the rest thought otherwise, with seven pinpointing 1984 and 1988. Other predic- tions: two women will run in 1976, one having light hair and an M in her name; our first woman President will be the wife of a famous person; 50 percent of Congress will be female within 25 years.

[November 1974]

Columbia Journalism Review Revelations of diabolical phenomena vouchsafed a grateful citizenry by Prof. Herbert J. Gans, sociologist: Like the news of other countries, Ameri- can news values its own nation above all others, even though it sometimes dis- parages blatant patriotism. This ethno- centrism is most explicit in foreign news. ...

The clearest expression of ethnocen- trism, in all countries, appears in war news. While reporting the Vietnam War,


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the news media described the North Vietnamese and the National Liberation Front as ‘‘the enemy,”’ as if they were the enemy of the news media... . The end of the war was typically headlined as *‘the fall of South Vietnam,’’ with scarcely a recognition that, by other values, it could also be considered a liberation, or, neutrally, a change in governments. [January/February 1979]

Rolling Stone

The inimitable Mr. David Felton notifies his ardent readers of yet another learning experience available to all post-Kafka intellectuels:

I wanted a bunny suit. | just felt like it. Naturally most of the shops were clean out of bunnies, it being the day before Easter, but finally one guy told me he might have one my size if I rushed right down. Which I did. And he did—a white woolly one with floppy pink ears and a dumb round tail. And I wore it right out of the store, got in the car, drove down Hollywood Boulevard . . . and this amaz- ing thing happened. People began star- ing at me, and instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt . . . [don’t know... strengthened, more confident, healthier.

[December I, 1977]

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